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Have You Had A Happy Poop ?

Have You Had A Happy Poop ?
What Your Poop Reveals About Your Health: A Guide to Digestive Wellness

Are you listening to what your poop is trying to tell you about your health?

While it might not be the most pleasant topic, your bowel movements can offer valuable insights into your overall well-being. Let's delve into what your poop might be indicating and how you can optimize your digestive health:

Frequency Matters

Q: What does it mean if my poop is hard and in pieces, requiring straining to pass? A: You might be constipated, often caused by insufficient fiber intake. Boost your fiber intake with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fiber supplements like ISABGOL for smoother bowel movements.

The Float Test

Q: Is it normal if my poop floats instead of sinking? A: While floating poop can be due to gas from foods like beans, frequent floaters or an oily appearance could signal issues with fat absorption, possibly related to pancreatic or intestinal inflammation.

Loose, but Not Diarrhea

Q: What if my poop is very loose but not diarrhea? A: This could be a sign of celiac disease, especially if accompanied by frequent loose stools. Celiac disease hampers gluten absorption, leading to nutrient malabsorption and loose stools.

Monitoring your bowel habits and recognizing consistent changes can help you detect potential health issues early. Remember, maintaining digestive health is crucial for overall wellness. Explore natural solutions and holistic living with Planet Herbs Lifesciences at

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